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Michael Floyd & Stephen Hill Make Strides At NFL Combine

Well the first set of receivers and quarterbacks are just finishing up with their broad jumps and their verticals. However they have completed their 40's and the positional drills which in my opinion is the most interesting drill to watch.

Nobody helped their stock more this morning than Stephen Hill who ran an impressive if unofficial 4.30 and caught 14 of 14 passes during the gauntlet. He also made a tremendous diving catch (right in front of the Jets scout who was watching the receivers down the field).

The questions for Hill relate to his hands and his route running. Well his hands looked excellent this morning and I can't remember him dropping a single pass in the route running positional drills. He's fast, he is big and he is catching everything thrown his way. He is working his stock up to the early 2nd round right now.

Floyd had questions on his speed, but he silenced those doubts this morning with an unofficial 4.42 40 dash which is extremely quick for a player who is built the way he is. He looks like an absolute tank and also caught 14 of 14 passes thrown his way in the gauntlet. He looks good in his routes, an area which Hill will need to focus on.

Alshon Jeffrey backed out of the 40 at the last minute, which is very strange for a player that measured in 2 inches shorter than he was listed at college and with the track seemingly running quickly. I want to see these guys competing out there and Jeffrey backing out raises some concerns in my mind.

Danny Coale was another receiver who really impressed me with his hands, and he ran 4.40. Greg Childs is dropping a lot of passes out there and doesn't seem to be finishing his routes well.

All in all a good day for Hill and Floyd who both look excellent and ready to go in the NFL.

The 2nd group of receivers and the running backs are still to go today. Marvin McNutt is a guy I'm going to be watching out for, similar to Floyd he has some concerns over the speed.