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Vlad Ducasse to Compete for RT Position

There's a report from Jake Steinberg that LG/RG/RT Vlad Ducasse has been told that he will exclusively practice and compete for the right tackle position. Why is this big news? Because before this, the Jets were seemingly unable to make up their mind on what to do with the former 2nd round draft pick. I've said before that we've always known Ducasse would be a project, but the Jets have made it difficult by first asking him to compete for the LG position, then switching him in camp between right guard and right tackle. Not only did he face a steep learning curve, and was without a full offseason this year, but was also forced to learn two positions before he could master one. Now that the Jets have given him a single position to focus on, I expect Ducasse to bloom. Hopefully he wins the training camp competition against Swinging Door Wayne Hunter and becomes a solid bookend to D'Brickashaw Ferguson.

Steinberg's report continues by saying that the Jets will NOT draft an offensive tackle in the first few rounds, which signals one of three things:

  1. They're morons.
  2. They have confidence that Ducasse will flourish at RT.
  3. They plan on signing a veteran free agent.
Let's hope it's not the first option.

Update: See my previous post on Ducasse here.