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Today At The Combine: Gettis and Glenn Feature

If you have been following the tweets from Gang Green Nation today you will likely already know who has performed well and who has disappointed. However if you haven't, here is a quick little break down of what has been said and seen in Indy today.

First of all the off-screen bench reps for the lineman this morning. Mike Adams put up a disappointing 19. The lowest bench press at the combine belongs to Marcel Jones of Nebraska who managed just 13.

On the other end, Michigans David Molk put up an impressive 41, David DeCastro put up 34 and Cordy Glenn put up 31.

Trying to focus on where the Jets may have interest, join me after the jump for more on offensive lineman.

The winners for me today are Cordy Glenn from Georgia and Adam Gettis from Iowa.

Both these guys looked good across the drills, Gettis pretty much led the lineman in every category. 40 time, broad jump and vertical. Glenn ran a very good 40 and his feet in the agility drills were very impressive. Glenn was interviewed and this guys love for the game came across, he's a hard worker and finished all his drills. This can't be said for everyone, as some lineman looked pretty lazy.

Glenn is obviously being considered as a first round talent and he has only helped his stock with his performance today. Gettis on the other hand is projected as a 5th to 7th round prospect, but you know Iowa do lineman very well and he may be a very interesting prospect to develop.

I really wanted Mike Adams to jump off the screen for me with his athleticism but he just didn't. Kalil was obviously the top talent on the offensive line but I was more impressed with Glenn's athleticism than I was with Adams.

Tight ends are about to get going so I'm pretty excited for that. Orson Charles is going to do the catching drills but won't do the 40. Interested to see Dwayne Allen and Coby Fleener as well. James Hanna from Oklahoma and Deangelo Peterson from LSU are also guys that I'm looking to see.