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Flight Connections 02-25-12


Eric Allen writes about Mike Tannenbaum at the combine.

Jim Leonhard shares a Twitter update on his rehabilitation.

NYJOTP has been impressed with Aaron Maybin.

AFC East Blog wonders if the Jets will have a chance to pick Alabama RB Trent Richardson, T-Rich Jr.

JetNation writes about the members of the Jets Flight Crew.

Here is an excellent article on former Jets RB Leon Johnson. I love that their family has a store named the Jett Xpress.

Former Jets DB Rashad Washington talks about facing Terrell Owens at indoor football.

Former Jets DE Kareem Brown has signed on with the Calgary Stampeders. The Jets briefly experimented at converting him to tight end.

Former Jets TE Joel Dreessen visited some middle schoolers. I think Dustin and Dreessen would be an awesome combination if it can somehow happen.

Former Jets marketing executive Ashwin Puri has been hired by the University of California.

I guess this is Plaxico Buress?:

And here is former Jets WR Eric Boles, who was with the team briefly about 20 years ago: