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My 1st Official Jets 2012 Mock Draft

In the past I have made posts with wish lists for this offseason. In them, I mention players I wish the Jets draft, but I didn't really go to far into why. I am going to change that right now. I am going into this mock draft with two things in mind. I want players that have potential to give us matchup advantages, and are athletically flexible to what we throw at them. I'm going to try and make this as realistic as possible. This means I will include un-tradable compensatory picks, and trades. Come join me after the jump for the guys I mock to the Jets.

Round 1: Pick 22

Vinny Curry OLB/DE, Marshall, 6'3 265, Projected 40: 4.66

Pick 22, huh? I have a strong feeling that both Upshaw and Ingram will be gone by pick 16. I think the next logical move would be to try and trade back. Fortunately for us, the Browns have a need for a QB, and an extra 1st round pick. Along with that 1st round pick, we would get their early 2nd round pick. Now that we are at pick 22, we should pick the best pass rushing option. Mercilus and Perry might have more upside than Curry, but Curry is by far the safer pick. He was the most consistent pass rusher in college football for the last few years. If you are scared of his small school status, don't be. In the Senior Bowl, Curry showed he could be dominant against top tier talent. Curry has the versatility to either have his hands in the dirt, or stand up. Curry is also a 3 down pass rusher, which is something we don't have. Having Curry rushing from one side, would alleviate some pressure on Maybin rushing from the other side.

Round 2: Pick 5

Kelechi Osemele OT/OG, Iowa State, 6'5" 333, Arms 35 1/4

With our first 2nd round pick, I want the Jets to draft their next right tackle/right guard. I'm not exactly sure what the Jets plan on doing with Hunter, but I believe he is best fitted to being a backup. I'm also not expecting much from Vlad. Osemele is a large man, and does a good job of both mirroring pass rushers and paving the way in the running game. Kelechi would also be able to make the move to Right Guard if needed. His presence would bring versatility and strength to our offensive line. Brandon Moore is getting old, and will need a replacement soon. My hope is Vlad shows some kind improvement, and would be able to stand in at right guard. The more players on our O-line that can play multiple positions, the better.

Round 2: Pick 15

Marvin McNutt, WR, Iowa, 6'3" 216, Projected 40: 4.56

Marvin McNutt is a WR that I have been in love with for a while now. In his limited time as a WR, he has grown into the position very fast. McNutt was originally a QB, which proves how versatile he is. That background also gave him unique perspective of rout running. He is by no means a sure thing, but his game tape tells me a lot. He uses large frame very well to shield away defenders. Marvin also has the valuable skill of making great catches off of poorly thrown balls. With Mark Sanchez's erratic throwing, this could mean a lot. He doesn't have elite speed by any means, but his long strides rout running ability help him gain enough separation. He doesn't need much separation to make his presence felt either. What he brings to the table makes him matchup problem for whoever has to cover him. Being that McNutt is from Iowa, that also makes him a beast in the running game.

Round 3: Pick 14

George Iloka, S, Boise State, 6'4" 222, Projected 40: 4.49

Since I wrote about Iloka after his Bowl game against Arizona State, his stock has soared. He went from being a 5th or 6th round guy to a 3rd or 4th round guy. His size and physicality makes him the perfect safety, in this draft class, to matchup against opposing TEs. George can excel in both man coverage and zone. His speed and fluid hips enable him to stick with anyone. He used to be a CB, but made the transition to safety, and has done very well. His presence in our secondary would make one of the best, even better.

Round 4: Pick 13

Hebron Fangupo, NT, BYU, 6'1" 330

I would like to thank Crackback for introducing me to Hebron Fangupo. When I saw the video of his highlights, I was instantly head over heals for Lebron's distant cousin, Hebron. It sort of looked like the offensive linemen were practicing their blocking against a wall. Not even double teams were able to move off the point of attack. Fangupo plays at the correct pad level on almost every snap. This allows him to get under the pads of whoever he is lined up against, and push them back. BYU also used Hebron in many ways. They would line him up all over the D-line. I am sure Dunbar would love to have the opportunity to coach this guy up a little, and then unleash the beast. There is a good chance Pouha hits the open market. If that happens, our chances of bringing him back dwindle. My guess is the number of years he wants is too much for the Jets to sign off on.

Round 4: Pick 28

Demario Davis, OLB/ILB, 6'3" 231, Projected 40: 4.60

I would like to thank David for introducing me to Demario Davis. In this mock, I have the Jets trading away the rest of their regular picks to get back into the 4th. Almost right after the Jets season was over, their was speculation that Bart Scott was going to be cut. I'm not sure why they would do this when there would be almost no savings, and a lot of money being eaten. With that said, Scott's replacement is needed. I can almost guarantee that Scott is cut after next year, with a savings of $7 Million. Demario Davis would bring two things desperately needed in our linebacking core. Davis would bring speed to a position that is occupied by snails. His speed and range make him a dangerous prospect. We also don't have the personnel to play a 4-3 defense. Whenever we go into 4-3 fronts, I see Pace in as an OLBer. Pace is great against the run, but that's about all. Demario would instantly give us someone to play that position. My only complaint is his weight, but Davis believes he can gain 10 pounds of muscle and not lose that speed we need.

Round 5: Compensatory Pick: Shaun Ellis

Omar Bolden, CB, 5'10" 195, Projected 40: 4.47

The Jets have 2 free agent CBs going into 2012. Out of Strickland and Cole, I would prefer Cole returns. Some depth at CB wouldn't be a bad thing at all. With the 1st Jets compensatory pick, I would love to grab Omar Bolden. This pick is a page taken out of the Patriots playbook. The Pats have a knack for taking talented players, who had season ending injuries. Those injuries, in turn, lower the players stock. Before Bolden's ACL tear, he was regarded as a 2nd round pick or higher. His talent should not be ignored just because of his injury. Omar could be a great steal at the end of the 5th round.

Round 6: Compensatory Pick: Brad Smith

Ryan Davis, OLB/DE, 6'2" 256, Projected 40: 4.76

Everyone seems to have their own dark horse, small school guy. Ryan Davis is mine. Davis is quickly becoming one of my favorite mid round prospects. This kid has a thirst for football that I haven't seen in a while. He was originally scouted to be a TE, but was quickly moved to defense after his coaches saw the anger in his play. In his 1st year as a defender, he took some time to build his technique, and was still able to lead his team in sacks with 3.5. In his 2nd year he was close to mastering his position as his tackles for a loss doubled along with his sacks. In 2011, the creation of this monster was complete. He has a very quick 1st step, and a game speed that never slows. He had a career game against Miami this year to show he can thrive against better talent. Ryan Davis making it to the late 6th round is some extreme wishful thinking. I'd take him as early as the 4th if he has a great combine.

Round 7: Compensatory Pick: Braylon Edwards

Kyle Martens, P, 6'6" 230

May the memory of T.J. Conley fade quickly from our thoughts. Our once storied special teams was less than amazing in 2011. The 1st step to regaining our past glory is to find our next punter. Martens is a very large men, and has a very large leg. In 2010, he had an AVG of 46 yards, and was very decent at directional kicking. If he drops this far in the draft, it would be fabulous to get him here.