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Aaron Maybin to Get First Round Tender

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Manish Mehta reports the Jets will give restricted free agent Aaron Maybin a first round tender.

The Daily News has learned that the Jets are expected to tender restricted free agent outside linebacker Aaron Maybin at the first-round level. The likely estimated value for the first-round tender will be $2.5-$2.75 million.

The way this works is as follows. The Jets have an offer on the table for a one year contract at the above value. Maybin has the option to sign it, but he is a free agent able to seek out offers. If Maybin signs with another team, the Jets will have the option of either matching the new contract to keep Maybin or letting him go. If they let him go, his new team will have to give the Jets their first round pick. This is all academic, though, because there is probably not going to be a team willing to part with a first round pick for a situational player like Maybin.

I think keeping Maybin around is a good move for the Jets. They should see whether they can develop him as a player. Can he bulk up a bit? Can he develop pass rushing moves? If so, his ceiling might end up quite a bit higher than what we saw in 2011.