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Flight Connections 02-22-12


CBS Sports: Alabama S Mark Barron is just what Rex Ryan is looking for in a safety.

Mocking the Draft: Offseason team needs of the Jets.

AFC East Blog: Combine primer. video: Chargers game sound. video: Snakebit franchise. (H/T darshv3)

Hulu: Jets fans. (H/T Dana Feldman)

Sun-Sentinel: The Dolphins will officially part ways with Chad Henne.

And now some great stuff from our own members here at GGN:

sp0rtsfan86: GGN crossfire, a new weekly round-table discussion.

tinley24: Why we should trade back.

ganggreen24: What I would like to see this offseason.

Ground-n-pound!: Thoughts during the offseason.

manuvsteal: Cap casualties, the Jets and Wayne Hunter.

GangGreen668i: Am I insane to think Greg McElroy is the starter next year?

bamajets88: The inhumane strength of Josh Chapman.

JETSFAN IN SC: Another crazy idea.

rexthejet: Weekly caption contest week #3.

brick wall 60: Top 30 Jets of 2011, #30-27.

And special shoutouts to the next two Gang Green Gangsters:

joeklecko: Interesting insights into Tom Moore's offensive system/philosophy.

Crackback: Hebron Fangupo is a badass.

Keep the write-ups coming, and I'll try to continue sharing them. Or as Bart Simpson said, "I can't promise I'll try, but I'll try to try."

Oh yeah, and Happy Ash Ketchum Day, everyone!: