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Flight Connections 02-21-12


Sporting News ranks Tony Sparano as one of the top new coordinators.

SB Nation picks South Carolina OLB Melvin Ingram for the Jets.

CBS Sports picks Baylor WR Kendall Wright for the Jets.

Ron Jaworski believes Peyton Manning would work well in green and white.

The Jets Blog is brought to you by the number 70.

JetNation writes about being a Jets fan.

Jets Insider: Sizing up the Jets salary cap. Questions and answers for the NFL combine.

ESPN New York: Combine preview.

AFC East Blog: Second-round options.

NYJOTP: John Abraham back to the Jets? No, thanks. Matt Flynn is wondering what free agency will bring. Flynn-sanity, baby!

Cincy Jungle: An in-depth look at new DB Coach Mark Carrier.

Star-Ledger: There will be no performance-based pay for NFL players this year.