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Scouting The Draft: Billy Winn, DT/DE, Boise State

Continuing our look into the draft, we have another player here that is not being talked about a great deal, that I really like. Billy Winn isn't getting a great deal of coverage, but with his talent, dedication and ability to play in numerous positions. Personally I think he is being undervalued.

Through a 4 year career with Boise, Billy has 14.5 sacks and 36.5 tackles for loss. He moves between the three and five technique at Boise and he could do the same at the NFL level. With a team that plays multiple fronts of 3-4 and 4-3 like the Jets, a big guy like Winn playing either as a 4-3 DT or a 3-4 DE would be ideal.

Now depending what happens in free agency, the Jets defensive line doesn't look like it needs all that much help, especially with last years draft. Completely true, but as a 3rd round prospects, I wouldn't say no to more depth on the defensive front.

So as usual, lets continue over the break for some positives, negatives and some film


As mentioned, he has great versatility and although Boise run mostly out of the 4 man front, I believe they also mix it up with 3 man looks so he has plenty of experience with both. There are two things that stand out when I watch Boise and Winn in particular. Length and explosion, he uses his length extremely well into contact to disrupt ball carriers. His explosion off the snap is in my mind his best attribute, he coils and plays well from a strong base. He likes to shoot the gaps and he stays low and compact to get into the backfield only extending and using his length when he needs to make a stop. He is a very good tackler who has great athleticism for a 6'4 290-295lb guy. Slips under a lot of contact well.


Isn't much of a pass rusher at the moment, he can get into the backfield and he can make plays behind the line as his career numbers suggest, but often uses his low pad level and explosion only and doesn't have a variety of moves. Although he does come off blocks well using his hands, can get tied up if the tackle beats him off the snap and he doesn't have the fast start.


Winn is a guy that I really enjoy watching, he has great potential and his burst off the ball (as you can see below) really stands him in good stead at the next level. His high motor, and length make him an intriguing prospect for a lot of teams, especially as he does a nice job setting the edge against the run in the 3-4 and shooting the gaps in a 4-3. I wouldn't mind us taking a good look at Winn come draft day when we are looking at rounds 3-5.