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Mock Draft Has Melvin Ingram to New York Jets's latest mock draft has the Jets taking South Carolina DE/OLB Melvin Ingram in the first round.

This is a strange year for pass rushers. Every player with the skill to pressure quarterbacks brings more questions than answers. Ingram answered some of those questions at the Senior Bowl. He can continue to do so at the Combine. The Jets could go another direction here if the available pass rushers fail to impress.

Ingram has experience lining up at defensive tackle, defensive end, and outside linebacker as a pass rusher. Rex Ryan loves to run multiple fronts with versatile players in them. It is still early in the process as the Combine and pro days can shake things up, but I believe Ingram is a distinct possibility for the Jets in the first round if things stay where they currently are, particularly if the Draft plays out the way it does in this mock.