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Flight Connections 02-20-12


Tony Sparano is having trouble selling his house in Florida.

Patrick Turner will be reunited with his former head coach.

NYJOTP is still hopeful about Mark Sanchez.

Sanchez recently watched a Knicks game with D'Brickashaw Ferguson.

The Jets Blog is brought to you by the number 72.

Yahoo!: Lower numbers could lead to record franchise tag designations. Of course, that happens in a year when the Jets won't be tagging anyone.

New York Times: Ex-NFL players sue the league over concussions.

The Fifth Down: Kickoffs and concusions, reviewing 2011 numbers.

OSN: Tom Brady cruelly consolidates power by marrying sister off to twisted but influential Kevin Youkilis.

We are celebrating Presidents' Day here in the U.S. Check out some DVD rental tips for today from our friend Bobby Rivers.

Here is a Jets vs Bears game from 1979:

I don't know how this one turns out either. You can check out part 2 here.

And now here are the Presidents of the United States of America. Look out!