Another crazy idea!

With all the Mario,Mario,and more Mario talk. I had a thought about another way, a lot of you will say no way to this, yet just hear me out, then bash me.

The first thing is the signing of Calais Campbell 6'8" 300lbs. This kid is the bookend to Wilkerson. Now here's the kicker Shaun Rogers and Fat Albert Haynesworth. I know I know don't scream at me. The thing is Rex for some reason gets his guys to play hard all the time.

First let me say that with Pouha maybe on his way out the door, I don't feel comfortable with Ellis and Mtv manning the NT position. I also don't like the idea of Devito playing NT either. I really feel that the Jets could use Rogers for a year to let Ellis and Mtv develope more this coming year. The other thing is Fat Albert,sure he's a head case yet, I think Rex could handle him and get him to play at a high level again. Yes, they are both 30+ but think of it? The Jets with Dunbar could be thinking of running a little more 4-3 alignments which could look something like this:

RDE. Wilkerson,Ropati,Haynesworth




and the 3-4:




This can be changed up with many different looks. IMO this would be a dominate and confusing front 4 and rotation on the cheap. I'm one for confusing the QB, who's lined up where. If you throw in Ingram and Lowerys versatility to this soup, could be a real nightmare for OC's to breakdown. Now you can scream at me. Thanks for reading.

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