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Mike Smith To Stay With Jets

In one of the biggest flip-flopping maneuvers by a coach that almost nobody has heard of before, former Jets intern Mike Smith will stay with the team as the OLB coach. Smith was previously an intern for the team, coaching up rising star Aaron Maybin (and best friend to Wes Welker), then was hired as the Washington St. LB coach, then the Jets OLB coach, to the West Virginia LB/DC coach. Now, he is back as Jeff Weeks replacement for the OLB coach position. Whew, what a mouth full.

Smith apparently was dissatisfied with his job responsibilities at WVU, as they were not what he believed them to be. He had not signed a contract, and is now returning to the team from whence it began.

As far as coaches are concerned, if Smith sticks this time, it will be a good catch by the Jets. Smith built Maybin up by teaching him the fundamentals from the ground up, which is surely a lesson the rest of the OLBers can learn from.

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