Hebron Fangupo, NT, BYU

Hebron Fangupo DT BYU Highlights (via arnsports)

6-1, 330, Badass

So not only is he badass enough to tell you his name, ONCE, and expect you to spell it perfectly, with an unflinchingly straight face. But he also has the gall to have the longest highlight tape EVER. I don't expect you to watch it in its entirety. And its probably more fun to just skip around and watch Hebron kicking the crap out of everybody all over the field. Seriously, they should have a defensive pancake stat for this guy. I saw one play where he chucked the guy blocking him to the ground, knock over the pulling guard, and blow up the RB in the backfield. He's a freaking terror. And if we draft him, Sione Pouha will quickly become Sione Pou-who?

Fangupo has the prototypical NT build. He's short and squat and absolutely immovable off his spot. I watched that entire marathon clip and didn't see him get moved backwards once. I saw him doubled by guards and tackles repeatedly and he didn't budge. Not only didn't he budge, but he continuously fought through the blocks and pushed his way forward. Hebron also has quick feet and can change direction suddenly. He also has very strong, very quick and very violent hands. Because of these traits, Hebron is damn near impossible to control and he's a freakin force to be wreckoned with. Hebron is also very versatile and can play DE in a 30 front and move up and down the line. Also saw him drop into coverage a few times; and quite nicely I might add. His only draw back is that he'll be a 26 yr old rookie. But I say eff it. Dude can start right now and play at a high level.

Hebron Fangupo is an absolute sure-shot, can't miss prospect, in my opinion. He's one of the most disruptive forces I've seen. And he's one of the few people in the world that can look Kenrick Ellis dead in the eye and say, "What? WHAT?"

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