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Flight Connections 02-16-12


Happy 7th birthday to our friends at JetNation.

Rex Ryan talked about the Super Bowl.

Ryan wouldn't confirm anything on Peyton Manning.

Kate Upton wouldn't confirm anything on dating Mark Sanchez.

Bleacher Report has a featured column about how Kate should avoid Mark. The one time I was looking forward to a slideshow and they don't have it. But I do agree that they shouldn't be together because their celebrity couple name would be Kark.

Boomer Esiason and Phil Simms talked about the media and playing for New York.

Antonio Cromartie made AFC East Blog's top 40.

Brandon Moore talked about playing in the Pro Bowl.

The Jets Blog is brought to you by the number 74.

NYJOTP doesn't want Manning, Randy Moss or Brandon Jacobs.

Former Jets RB Coach Jimmy Raye will be a senior offensive assistant with the Buccaneers.

Former Jets assistant John DeFelippo is remaining as Raiders QB Coach.

Here is an awesome game between the Jets and Dolphins in 1986, no matter what the final score is:

Take some time to watch, especially if you've never seen it before. I love how players don't excessively celebrate touchdowns, the bareness of the benches, and how you have to actually pay attention to the game to know the score, the time and remaining timeouts.