Thoughts during the offseason

Hey all. I'm new to the GGN, so I wanted to start out with a post/rant.

After several weeks of looking at videos of missed plays, reading about how awful the team is, and generally getting bummed out about being a JETS fan, I decided to take a step back and really look at the team as a whole. Really guys, things aren't that bad...for real.

Now granted, I'm sure these things have been said a hundred times before in this forum, but I'm bored at work and looking for a good conversation here.

EDIT****2/16**** Just wanted to clear up that nothing in this post is targeted at the GGN. My frustration at the end is in relation to fair-weather fans, and the fact that the main stream media has been incredibly negative.

Here are the three major points about why, after much reflection, I'm no longer dejected about our current JETS team.

1) Rex Ryan: I'm behind him 100%. His attitude fits perfectly in a city like NY. Anything other than "We're gonna stomp your face in" wouldn't mesh with a city where someone will jump down your throat for ordering a cup of coffee too slow. Yeah, he's made some enemies, but anyone who talks big will have that effect. He's still very early into his coaching career, and he's made some top caliber decisions from day one. Granted, he's made some mistakes, but he's learned from them. We ended this season with the best red zone efficiency in the league. A stat which shows great improvement from our previous seasons in the Ryan era. He's stuck behind a young QB, even as fans want to stone him to death whenever he throws a pick. He's also recognized the problems of this season and made major steps towards solving them by the start of next season.

I'm confident that the problems in the locker room will be addressed.

2)Sanchez: (and this is where people will disagree with me)Mark is a talented QB. To me, this is an indisputable fact. We sadly didn't see much of his down the field bombs this year that we saw in the last few seasons, but no one can dispute that the kid has a cannon when he has the chance to use it. When given time, he is laser accurate. He has a quick release, and can move pretty well too. Now, this is NOT to say that he can't improve. Regardless of how leaky the line was this season, he needs to get better at dumping the ball. This would be a lot easier if Green didn't drop every single pass thrown to him, but for now, that's the situation. He either needs to find another short pass target, or just get rid of the damn ball. He also needs to step up and be the Cpt...and hopefully that will happen this upcoming season with the reassigning of the Cpt. titles. I put a fair amount of blame on our receivers this year too. Burress was frequently unaware of his patterns, as was Keller.

Do yourself a favor and look back at some early tape of Eli, or honestly, almost any QB in the league. It takes time to become and elite QB. Not to say that there aren't exceptions to the rule, but Sanchez is not one of those raw talent once in a decade QBs. He's a young QB who's made some solid progress, and more importantly, he's the QB of our team. Booing him and blaming the season won't make him play better. We've been to the playoffs twice, and finished 8-8 a third time. These are very respectable stats.

3)Sparano:I always respected him as a coach. I think he'll bring serious strength back into our O. He's a no BS kind of guy, which is exactly what the team needs right now. I can't imagine anyone getting away with not putting their all into every game and every practice. We'll see better play calling as well. That's for sure.Under the first two seasons of Ryan, the JETS were a team to be feared. We played hard. I expect that to return this coming season with Sparano as our OC.

I'm not just a fair weather fan. The JETS are my team. Yeah, sometimes I bury my face in my hat when Sanchez throws a pick, Green drops a pass, we fumble a punt, we f*** up our clock management, we get sacked...but hell...the JETS are my team, and I'm sick of hearing all this negative BS from our fans. We're getting a bad rep. If you don't want to support our team, go buy a blue jersey and head to Met Life on different days then the rest of us.

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