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Scouting The Draft: Demario Davis, OLB, Arkansas State

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I'm peaking early, I'm showing my favourite dark horses for the draft early this year because well I'm running out of players I really want the Jets to look at and I want people to look into these guys before the MSM start crawling over them post work-outs. So over the next few days, I'm bringing to you players that are not being hyped, not being talked about (yet) who I think have a real bright future in the league and who I hope the Jets will be looking at. You don't have to agree but here we go.

First of all it's Davis who is just a beast, a bad mother *watch your mouth* who is a breakout star waiting to happen. I'm willing to bet that if Davis, a 6'3 230lb guy was with Alabama or Louisiana he would already be getting the recognition he deserves and will come his way as soon as scouts see him at his pro day. A little light to be playing at OLB in the 3-4 but I'm actually looking at him as a ILB and when you read the report and watch the highlights I think you will see why.

Excelled on both sides of the ball in High School, played basketball and was a high jumper as well. Pure athlete. He is a leader and has a high intensity work ethic that pays dividends:

"I do a little bit of everything," Davis said. "Our defensive scheme is like a whirlwind. You'll never find the same person in the same position on any play. The safeties could be playing corner at times, corners playing safety, linebackers rotating to the middle. It may seem like I'm in the middle sometimes, it may seem like I'm on the outside, sometimes it may seem like I'm like a defensive end.


He plays with everything you want from a linebacker. Good against the run, quick to recognise the pass. Fluid hips, short area quickness, good pursuit and excellent wrap up tackling ability. As you can see from the quote above, he has played a little bit of everywhere. He has an excellent first step and rarely gets fooled on a play. He has the football instincts and IQ that I believe a Vontaze Burfict is missing. When he hits you, well you know you have been hit. Is really effective inside the box, recognises and plugs gaps extremely well. Uses his hands at an NFL standard to disengage from blocks to come off and make the tackle. Because he has moved around a lot he appreciates the jobs across the defensive front 7. Holds containment, and drops back into his coverages very well. I think his short area quickness and his fluid hips make him a great prospect for any team. His history as a wide receiver and an athlete give him that second gear to chase down ball carriers and QB's. Has very good length and uses it well against the run.


I honestly cannot see too many negatives in his game and I promise I don't do side work for his PR company. I think finding the right position for him in the NFL may be tricky and he could do a better job making a read on the pass and coming down with interceptions. I just think that he needs to really key in on all the things he is doing and just take himself to the elite level which he is more than capable of doing. Obviously he didn't play against the best talent and in 2011 he didn't get to the QB like he can do. He just needs to make the next jump.


In case you haven't already guessed it, I think this guy is going to be a complete steal in this draft. I have seen him being projected as low as the 6th round in this draft. However after his pro day and workouts for scouts and after more film breakdown is watched. I think he'll go in the 3rd round. That's a pretty bold prediction but I really like this guys game.