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Flight Connections 02-15-12

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TE Dustin Keller makes AFC East Blog's top 40. shares video of STC Mike Westhoff conducting practice. If you haven't seen it, it's new to you.

Bleacher Report: Why dating Kate Upton would be the best thing for Mark Sanchez's career. No, it's not The Onion.

JetNation: How the Jets can get $29 million under the cap.

Jets Insider: Free agent targets that make sense.

ESPN New York: An early look at free agency.

New York Times: The Rams have hired a general manager. And thankfully for us, it's not Joey Clinkscales.

OSN: Roger Goodell backs off expansion talk after being reminded of the Jaguars.

Frank Reich will be the WR Coach for the Cardinals. I will always fondly remember him as the one game winner in '96, coincidentally against the same Arizona team he now works for. It was also against the player who turned me into a Jets fan in the first place, Boomer Esiasion.

And lastly, here is a commercial during the Chad Pennington era: