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Jets Formally Announce Coaching Changes

The New York Jets have announced that Bob Sutton, the linebackers coach, has been promoted to assistant head coach, replacing Bill Callahan in that position. He will retain his linebacker duties along with Mike Smith. Karl Dunbar is now officially the new defensive line coach, replacing Mark Carrer. Lance Taylor is the assistant TE/quality control coach. Finally, Matt Cavanaugh will return to the team as the quarterbacks coach.

Sutton's promotion is interesting as he replaces Bill Callahan. I suspect the move was done to anchor him to the team and make him less likely to leave. Dunbar's hiring isn't surprising since we've known it for so long. However, Matt Cavanaugh's return is. The more I think about it, the less upset I am with this move. Part of that is because we don't know how much of the last few seasons was due to him vs. Brian Schottenheimer. Another is because after Eli Manning goes on record explaining how much continuity with his OC helped him, I'd like to see some with Mark Sanchez. Sanchez has had a new receiving corps every year, and in a year where he's losing his OC, it may not be the worst thing to have someone there to guide him throughout the whole process.

In any case, let us know what you think below.