Randomly Naming the Random Thread for Random Thoughts Thread of Randomness: A Contest

A few days ago, rexthejet, an esteemed moderator extraordinaire and proprietor of innumerable Seinfeld gifs and goofy fanshots, took the step of starting a weekly randomness thread on this blog. This idea was long awaited by many here on GGN (yours truly included) and was a fairly big success for a first time startup thing (446 comments already as i write this post). As good as it was, it was lacking one crucial thing......a name.

rexthejet and I would like to see whether anyone can come up with a clever name for this thread. "Random Topic Thread" just wont do. I have no idea how this thing would work; perhaps it would come with the most rec's per name. Maybe we'd take the ones we enjoyed the most and put it up in a poll for you guys to vote on. I haven't yet discussed the actual semantics w/ rtj as of yet.

Either way, we need names. Good names. Random names. Wacky names. Whatever you want names. JUST DO IT

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