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Monday Cup of Bro: Mail Bag

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - FEBRUARY 05:  Chad JOHNSON #85 of the New England Patriots is finally making good on his word.  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
INDIANAPOLIS, IN - FEBRUARY 05: Chad JOHNSON #85 of the New England Patriots is finally making good on his word. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Getty Images

One benefit of experimental posting is that what you like stays and the rest goes in the trash. Monday Mail Bag was the only segment to survive the test phase, although you'll still be seeing weekly biographies of various Jets. So Cup of Bro is now a weekly recap/Q & A segment.

The Brodown:

-Randy Moss is attempting to end his retirement after one season. No word yet from agent Joel Segal which teams they are fabricating interest from.

-Chad Ochocinco is attempting to change his legal name back to Chad Johnson, finally making good on his unsolicited wager against Darrelle Revis.

-The Eagles will franchise tag DeSean Jackson if an agreement cannot be reached on a contract.

-bob breaks this down in greater detail in the story directly below this one, but I was writing already so I'll repeat the disappointing news: QB coach Matt Cavanaugh is coming back to the Jets for 2012-13.

Golden Rex Caption Contest Trophy goes to user: ncquake24

Quote of the week:

I'd rather see a Wurlitzer Juke Box on wheels at RT than watch Hunter get beat on most plays.

A lot cheaper too with 5 plays for $1.

by Putnan Prince on Feb 11, 2012 8:17 PM EST reply actions 2 recs

Enjoy some more GGN user mail after the jump.

Question: Who is smarter (or rather, in this case, less intelligent) humanoid - Antonio Cromartie or Terrell Suggs? Also, are either of them smarter than a 5th grader? - dabu7

Suggs has better awareness, makes smart plays, and doesn't sling his yogurt in a fashion that would make Jamie Lee Curtis blush. Some people say the less children you have the more intelligent you are, but that sounds like the bitter ramblings of a childless loner. If you're forcing me to pick it's Suggs, simply because he does far less dumb and careless things.

The average young person I meet these days has the technological capabilities of Doc from Back to The Future, but also the social intelligence and charisma of a brick. You decide.

Hey Bro,
were you happy to see shaun ellis lose? would you rather him win in a patriot uniform or definetly not?

No, I'm not happy to see Shaun Ellis lose. Although it turned out to be the right decision letting him go, I could never harbor ill will to someone who did so much for the team. However, I am very happy to see the Patriots lose, and whether or not Ellis is wearing a Pats uniform when it does (and did) happen is immaterial to me.

i hate arthur he bums the smurfs y dont u stop him?

I'm not a Russell Brand fan either.

if someone wakes you in the middle of the night and asked you who is without a doubt your favorite jet of all time, who would you answer?
answer because this keeping me up at night...i have to know...

If a random person woke me up in the middle of the night I would probably stab them before they made any sort of sports related inquiries.

I've been watching the Jets since the early 90's. My two favorite Jets are tied, Curtis Martin and Darrelle Revis. If Chad Pennington's career had panned out it may have been him, and yes, my love is totally conditional. I was a huge fan of John Abraham and was crushed to see him go. I'm a big fan Damien Woody as far as off the field characteristics go, missing his performance on the field too.

Hver finnst þér að við ættum að miða í ​​fa fyrir WR? finnst þér að við ættum að faraeftir manningham? hvað eigum við að gera fyrir saftey? ættum við að leggja drögeinn? ættum við að skrifa einn? Ég las ganggreennation hér á Íslandi, þannig að égmyndi vera ánægð ef þú gefur svör.

Ah, always the same questions. Not always the same language, but the same questions nonetheless. As I'll disclose in my next FA list, WR options are complicated. Something is clearly wrong with Braylon Edwards, whether or not that's something we can work through remains to be seen. I think Mario Manningham would be a very poor buy on the Jets part, but I would not put it past us. If you're asking me to invest in a third banana, I'd pick Laurent Robinson and several other names over Mario Manningham.

We cannot possibly afford a true field stretcher like DeSean Jackson because of Holmes inflated contract, or really any of the top ten WR's on the market for that matter. In spite of all this, the WR free agency market is truly flooded this season and many teams will not be able to afford all their receiving options. Out of dozens of talented receivers, I think a bargain might fall in the Jets lap. I would not address WR through the draft unless a promising talent fell to a later round.

Safety and DB are far less promising in the free agency pool. All the attractive options will be bought up for more money than the Jets can spend. Early round Safeties don't look that promising, especially for a team picking at 16. I think in both cases of Safety and WR, we will have to settle for a middle of the road option via FA or the draft.

Thank you for using GGN. I hope this brightened up your day. Say hi to Björk for me.