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Scouting The Draft: Marvin McNutt, WR, Iowa

Continuing our look at some players the Jets may look at in the draft, we move back to the receivers. Marvin McNutt is an interesting receiver who isn't really getting that much coverage. Considering he has excellent size and a good frame and is also a top athlete, that's surprising.

McNutt was recruited out of High School as a QB and a decent QB at that. After not seeing much action in 2007 or 2008 he moved over to wide receiver. He had 674 yards and 8 touchdowns his first year and 861 yards and 8 touchdowns the year after. McNutt continued to improve at his new position in 2011, putting up excellent numbers. He finished the year with 1315 yards on 82 receptions and 12 touchdowns.

He was a pure high school athlete earning honours in all three major sports, football/baseball and basketball. His transition from QB to WR shows his natural athleticism. There is a lot to like about Marvin and for a team like the Jets who need a target guy but not necessarily in the first round, I think the Jets will and should look at McNutt as a possible 3rd round target.

Join me after the jump for the positives, negatives and some highlight footage.


Great size for a wide receiver at 6'4 and 215lb's. Great athleticism and extremely soft hands. Is very useful in the short passing game using his frame to box out defenders. Uses his hands well against press coverage, came from a traditional style offence in Iowa. Has good downfield speed but is not a quick burst like Darius Heyward-Bey. Is more a strider and his speed/pace come later in his route rather than beating the man off the line. Is an intelligent receiver who knows where to sit and finish the route and keeps coming back to the quarterback if the first option isn't there and the Quarterback is flushed. This likely comes from his understanding as a quarterback. Has good hand eye coordination which helps him with the short and intermediate routes and can track the ball well which helps him on downfield throws. He is a tough guy (which seems to be a common trait for players coming out of Iowa), has no qualms about going over the middle. Knows where the sticks are and doesn't lay down after the catch, will fight for every single yard. In many ways he reminds me a little like Jerricho Cotchery. A decent blocker with his frame but as he has only played the position for three years he still has room to improve.


Starting with the last point from the positive section. He has only played WR for three years and although he has shown a constant improvement he still has to get down some of the smaller intricacies of the position. Is not explosive off the line and doesn't have the natural burst off the line. Doesn't have the twitch or quick move out of the break but as mentioned he does use his body well. Did battle some injuries in 2011 and durability at the next level may be a concern. Has asthma which he needs to control but this isn't a massive concern. I would say he is a good blocker but he has the potential to be a great blocker with his physicality so he can improve.


If you are looking for a burner then you'll have to look somewhere else. However if you want a good possession guy that has the speed to challenge downfield and is a tough nosed guy who'll take contact over the middle, then McNutt is your guy. McNutt is my third favourite receiver in this draft after Michael Floyd and Stephen Hill (oh and Justin of course) I love his physicality, I like his hands and I like his potential. I wouldn't hesitate to use a 3rd round selection on Marvin. He may go in the late 2nd if someone likes his skill set and he runs a little quicker at the combine.