Same Old Jets II

It seems that some of us fans are wanting to go down the SOJ road and probably not meaning to but our mentality and attitude is making us that way.

Of course there is continuing talk of Peyton and now even bring up Hines Ward. Both good players but I feel past their prime and people still overlooking the fact that Peyton has a losing record in the playoffs. The last time they faced each other Sanchez beat Peyton and the first time our defense let us down as we were playing well and we couldn't get pressure and Peyton ate us up. Then last year against the Steelers we made Mendenhall look like HOF material and couldn't stop the run and dug ourselves in a big hole but we almost pulled it out with Sanchez as our QB.

But we fans want it now and don't want to give Sanchez a chance with a new OC. So now it lets get get older and bring in has beens because they were great once and will make us that way. Forget that maybe our FO has to get their head out of their ass and draft better and get some good FA signings. Of course teams have these unknowns that turn out great and we wonder where did they come from. Might be they also come from good scouting reports and good coaching. Example Victor Cruz was Vlad's teammate and he said people came to see Vlad and the Giants somewhat like him and signed him undrafted. We have to spend a lot and get older to get better and many times don't. Like LT was an awesome signing and we new maybe 2 good years and he did that for us but now what LT might retire or another team. The Pats signed the O line guy Water that KC waived and this year he made the pro bowl. Why can't we come up with stuff like that. While teams are getting better, faster, and younger we continue to talk older.

So maybe our mentality is the SOJ and maybe SOF (same old fans) things don't do our way and we want change now. Many Sanchez supporters the last 2 years now want his head. Yea, he look like crap this year but like someone said was the jets pinata this year and got hit so much it was ridiculous. Or Tone last year sign him, we need him its SB man. Tone is still an awesome player but now there are more issues that has to be addressed since now we have paid him the real big bucks. So I'm hoping he really wants to work it out for the good and wasn't kissin ass to get the big bucks next year. As Jets fan who wants to see us back in the SB, I want us to get younger and faster. 40+ years of not even getting to the big dance is very disappointing but IMO we have to get smarter starting with the FO with better coaching, analyzing, and drafting. So much young talent out there that just needs good coaching.

Of course this is my own opinion and I know some will agree and some will disagree, so let's hear what us fans have to say.

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