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Flight Connections 02-12-12


Infinite Jets: Mark Sanchez might lead the offense to the playoffs again.

AFC East Blog: Chad Henne would be a better backup than Mark Brunell.

ESPN New York: Dealing with cap issues. Predictions from Brian Baldinger. (H/T GreenWhite) And in case you don't know what H/T is.

Wichita Eagle: Brian Daboll has a passion for football. Good thing he's in a football related profession.

Dave's Art Locker: Peyton Manning's face has gone viral.

OSN: Roger Goodell asks fans how much they are willing to pay to make the Pro Bowl go away.

And here's some good stuff from our own members here at GGN:

joeklecko: Analysis Finale Part 1 of Mike Tannenbaum as GM.

Tamarack: Rex Ryan, a perspective.

rexthejet: Weekly caption contest #2.

oneg82: Our coaches' win-loss records.

And for rexthejet, here are some great moments in Jets football:

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, everyone!