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Potential Jets: Hines Ward

Santonio Holmes and Hines Ward once made beautiful music together. Word has gotten out this weekend that the Steelers might be ready to move on from Ward. With a likely opening across from Holmes, could the Jets have interest in the four time Pro Bowler, former Super Bowl MVP, and 1,000 career reception guy?

While Ward was once a top flight receiver, his game has fallen off greatly. Ward's athletic ability is deteriorating quickly. He lost his starting job in 2011 and saw his playing time rapidly diminish. If you watched him, you saw his ability to explode and separate is just about gone. At age 35, that process neither stops nor reverses itself for wide receivers. It continues to happen quickly. He only had 46 catches, 381 yards, and 2 touchdowns, all the lowest totals since his rookie season. As his body continues to deteriorate, he might not even be capable of putting up those numbers in 2012. He is not a threat downfield anymore. His ability to create room on short stuff is just about gone too.

Any interest in Ward would be about his name and the player he used to be, not what he can do now. He might be a fiesty competitor and willing to mix it up as a blocker, but signing him would probably be Derrick Mason redux. I think the Jets should stay away. How about you?