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Flight Connections 02-11-12


Jenny Vrentas: Joey Clinkscales will not be the next Rams GM.

NYJ Over the Pond: Interview with OLB Jamaal Westerman.

Football Outsiders: The biggest offseason hole is at right tackle.

CBS Sports: The Jets offense never lived up to expectations. Into the offseason and the schedule ahead.

New York Times: The Pro Bowl is a postseason party that few want to attend.

OSN: Peyton Manning congratulates his brother.

Check out some mspaints on our Fan Shots:

Nick Mangold the god of thunder.

Mangold in the center of the American Revolution.

Rex Ryan the rodeo master.

The Rolling Tones.

Where all the sad Bradys are made.

Sad Brady inaction figures.

Presentation of the Lamar Hunt trophy.

Here is Barry Sanders running for 2000 yards against the Jets (I hope it's not all in this one game):

I love that the official actually asks the crowd to be quiet so the visiting offense can hear their play.