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Matt Slauson: Stay or Go?

Matt Slauson is a study in value. The 25 year old has completed his second year as a starter. At this point he is a middle of the pack lineman. He is neither near the very top nor very bottom in terms of disruptions caused as a result of a blown block in the passing game. He flashes dominance at times as a run blocker and is a big part of the team's success running right when he pulls. Runs to his left side were under 4 yards per carry for the Jets, though. He is still young enough to improve from middle of the pack into a top tier lineman like Brandon Moore did, but there are no guarantees.

The Jets could probably stand to improve their play at left guard, but there are other vastly more glaring needs and very limited resources to tend to those. Slauson is the kind of guy you would not want to be the best lineman on your team on a big contract. When he is the fifth best lineman on your team on a cheap rookie deal as he was in 2010 and could be again should the Jets upgrade right tackle, he is great value.

I vote stay. How do you vote?