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Jets Win a Snoozer


The Jets are 6-7 after an uninspiring 17-10 win today in Jacksonville over the terrible Jaguars. This win proved nothing. None of the serious questions we have were answered. Mark Sanchez was terrible once again. The Jets won with their offensive line and backs beating down and wearing out a bad defense and their defense dominating a terrible quarterback and offense.

Still, a win is a win and the Jets still have some life left in the Playoff chase with three winnable games in front of them. So we can celebrate that. There is some sense of accomplishment. The wheels could have fallen off after the disaster on Thanksgiving, but the Jets have responded with two straight wins. It's not like beating bad teams is a guarantee. Pittsburgh found that out against the Chargers today. It is tough to feel that great given the team's place in the standings and this winning streak looking a lot more like a product of the schedule than the Jets genuinely putting things together, but it beats a loss.

Celebrate below. The official recap will be up tonight.