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No Debate: Best Nickname

What is the best Jets nickname?

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

Now a word from our sponsors.

We are beginning a new series here on GGN related to the question of the week on Gillette's Facebook page. This week's question is about the best nickname in the NFL.

My favorite Jets nickname belongs to Curtis Martin. ESPN's Chris Berman dubbed him, Curtis "My Favorite" Martin, a spin on the 1960's TV show My Favorite Martian.

I like it for two reasons. Martin is one of the three favorite Jets of all-time along with Wayne Chrebet and Chad Pennington.

The nickname also takes me back to the days of NFL Primetime, hosted by Chris Berman and Tom Jackson. ESPN does most things wrong in every medium, but they used to do football highlights so right. NFL Primetime was the best football highlight show on TV. From the distinctive music to Berman and Jackson's signature calls to the unique nicknames given to players, it was the best hour of the week to catch up on an NFL Sunday. ESPN lost the rights to do their highlight show in 2006 when it lost Sunday Night Football to NBC. Football Night in America has proven to be a poor substitute. ESPN still brings back NFL Primetime for the Playoffs, and it's one of the highlights of the sports year for me.

Curtis Martin's nickname reminds me of how great Primetime was. That's why it is my favorite Jets nickname. What is yours?