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Familiar Faces in Different Places: Dwight Lowery edition

A look at a former Jet that is behind enemy lines.


Welcome to the second article I will write, which is looking at former Jets' coaches and players who now play for the next weeks opponent. Looking at the Jaguar roster and staff no names really spring out me except two. One of them never really was a big name with the Jets until after he left. The other well is a brother to a Jet that is either beloved or regarded as mediocre.

Let's start off with a former Jet and who this post is named after: Dwight Lowery. He was selected out of San Jose State in the 4th round of 2008's draft by former Jets coach Eric Mangini, Dwight Lowery was a project coming out of college. Considered without a true position in the pros. Lowery ended up starting that year at corner although he is now used as safety.

He ended up starting his rookie season after Justin Miller (remember him?) went down with an injury. Eventually he ceded the starting role to Ty Law who was signed late and needed a few weeks to get back into the swing of things. He ended up starting ten games that season, all at cornerback or a "flex" slot role after Law took over the other corner position.

Lowery was again a forgotten man on the 2009 team but still produced in a somewhat limited role with 3 picks. That year he was once again bounced around the slot and starting roles, never finding a true home on the Jets defense.

Arguably the biggest moment he had as a Jet was when he picked off former Jet and unretired Brett Favre in 2010 to seal the victory against the Minnesota Vikings. Up by two points with less than a minute to play, Lowery jumped the route and ran into the endzone untouched to give the Jets a lead they would not be able to screw up.

"I saw Shiancoe break out and I just went on an instinct,” said Lowery, “When the pressure got there, I felt like that made Brett hold the ball a little bit longer than he wanted to and he threw the ball kind of late and I just stepped in front of it.”

He added another pick six to his resume that season against Chicago, finishing his season first on the team with two defensive TD's.

After that season he was traded for a GD snack / whole lot of nothing 7th round draft pick which disappeared after compensation. Possibly the strangest and most noteworthy of his feats since he was with the Jags was when he stopped a man on the field during a home game.

Much of Lowery's time with the Jets was spent being under utilized, now he is a starter this year with the Jags. He was injured for just about half of this year with an ankle injury that has limited him somewhat.

As a side note: I think most of the fondness for Lowery is due to the incompetence of the safeties last year which was a big part of Jets loses. Even as a Jag he has not been more than above average in all his starts, but represents the Jets franchise throwing away talent at a position of weakness and later regretting it.

I digress.

Dwight Lowery is now behind enemy lines.

As for the other member of this list: Dawan Landry is the brother of hard hitting and gym rat LaRon Landry. He has registered a half a sack and 2 picks as a Jaguar in two seasons. Not quite the Tiki and Ronde Barber sibling rivalry, but still brotherly love at it's finest.