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Is LaRon Landry The Coolest Guy Ever?

My standards for what makes someone "cool" are fairly low. As long as they don't wear a coonskin hat, they're good in my book.

David Welker

S LaRon Landry has been one of the biggest revelations of the season. Many people questioned the one year contract, since he was coming off a serious heel/achilles injury. It's safe to say that Landry, while not performing at an elite level, has given our defense a valuable "edge" with his hard hits and attitude that we haven't seen from the safety position. So far, he's racked up 79 tackles, 2 interceptions, and 4 forced fumbles.

But aside from those statistics, Landry has provided us with some fantastic quotes that lead me to believe that he is, in fact, the coolest guy ever. It all starts with his personal motto, "Head first, high velocity, no regrets." Here are a few gems:

What did LB Garrett McIntyre have to say about Landry?

He just makes weird noises and talks to himself. Maybe he's talking to someone else. I can't tell.

Miami Dolphins RB Reggie Bush hasn't been the same this season since he was first knocked out of the first Jets-Dolphins matchup by Landry. Later, Landry had this to say:

He will remember that hit. Every time he sees me, he will remember that hit. If I'm coming into the box, coming downhill or whatever, he will remember that hit.

Landry played in a 5-7 year old pee-wee football league when he was four years old.

I had a fake ID. They called me Hammer.

Landry's known for his extreme physique. Apparently, he wears a collared shirt when he lifts weights.

It takes a grown man to lift the amount of weight I lift. So I've gotta wear grown man attire.

One of the things I like most in a player is when they can lay a player out, and then trash talk them to remind them that they are, in fact, better than them. Bill Belichick takes a similar approach through running up the score. Different method, but same effect.

Who are some players on this team that you love to watch?