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Woody Johnson Prefers Greg McElroy over Mark Sanchez

The New York Jets are struggling internally with a quarterback decision.


Take this with a grain of salt. Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News is reporting that Woody Johnson prefers Greg McElroy to Mark Sanchez, and Mike Tannenbaum and Tony Sparano prefer Mark Sanchez to Greg McElroy. Jason LaCanfora is also reported that Rex Ryan is leaning 65/35% towards McElroy, according to some inside source. AKA, nobody really knows what's about to happen.

What does this tell us, if true? First of all, I think it tells us that, as much as we've bashed Woody Johnson for being clueless, he's actually looking more long-term. Sanchez clearly isn't the answer, so we've got to look elsewhere. It's surprising that Johnson would choose McElroy over Tim Tebow, for a variety of reasons, including public relations and the trade he supposedly pushed for. I also think Johnson hears the crowd boos and sees the empty stadium and is partially reacting to that. Interestingly, Tebow really isn't even in the discussion. He doesn't seem to be considered by anyone with any say to be a viable alternative.

It also tells us that Tannenbaum is trying to defend his draft pick and his massive financial investment in Sanchez. I don't know that there's anyone that still really believes Sanchez is "the future," so Tannenbaum's support indicates either delusion, or a man digging his heels in so he doesn't get canned for bad decisions. As for Sparano, I suspect he's just nervous about his job and wants to stick with someone he's comfortable with, that he can probably blame for the offensive failures this season. But this is, keep in mind, purely speculation.

As for Rex, I think he's finally taking an objective look at the quarterback situation, after blindly sticking by Sanchez for so long. He said yesterday he was surprised at McElroy's arm strength. He clearly hasn't been watching him in practice all season long if this is the first time he's noticed it. He appears to be finally looking at it rationally. The longer this goes on, the more likely it is, I think, that we see McElroy start. The more analysis that takes place, the more obvious it is that Sanchez is toast, and McElroy shows at least some potential.

Those are my speculative thoughts and over-readings of the situation. What do you all think?