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New York Jets General Manager Search: Eric DeCosta Will Not Interview for Any GM Jobs

Larry French

The Baltimore Ravens' official Twitter page indicates Assistant General Manager Eric DeCosta will not interview for any vacant general manager jobs.

Teams have contacted Assistant General Manager Eric DeCosta for job openings. DeCosta reaffirmed his standing with .

DeCosta: "I love being a part of the Ravens and plan to stay here and help them win championships. I have no intentions of leaving this team

DeCosta has been one of the most desired names for general manager openings, but he just signed an extension last year and also declined multiple interviews. He is viewed as Ozzie Newsome's heir apparent.

DeCosta was not a realistic candidate. The odds of him leaving Baltimore were always small, and even if he was willing, he could do better than a team the condition the Jets currently find themselves. He can pick and choose an ideal situation to advance his career. Scratch him off your list.