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New York Jets General Manager Search: Bill Polian Has No Interest in Job

Ezra Shaw

Gary Myers reports Bill Polian has no interest in the Jets general manager job.

I've been told Bill Polian has no interest in the Jets GM job. Polian's prickly personality wouldn't go over real well in NY.

That's good because the Jets should have no interest in Polian anyway. He is 70. The Jets need somebody in it for the long haul. His recent history was terrible with the Colts. He blew Draft after Draft and left Indianapolis one of the least talented teams in the league. Whether it was the game passing him by or him delegating too much to his son, Chris, either way, he has proven to be ineffective. Plus, as Myers notes, Polian reportedly has thin skin. He would not handle criticism in New York well.

I am pleased to see he will not be a candidate. Things continue to look good on day one of the GM search.