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2013 NFL Mock Draft: New York Jets Take Jarvis Jones

Sam Greenwood has a new mock Draft, and they have the Jets grabbing a pass rusher from the University of Georgia.

9. New York Jets - Jarvis Jones, OLB, Georgia

It's time for Jets head coach Rex Ryan to get back to what he knows, and that's generating a pass rush. The Jets weren't able to get much of a rush from their outside linebackers this season, with Calvin Pace leading the outside linebackers with just three sacks. Jones, who has some medical issues that will need to be evaluated, is the most natural 3-4 linebacker in this class. He has the ability to take over the game and could plug in straight away on the outside.

I'm generally a big believer in drafting for impact over need. Given where the Jets currently stand, however, I think it would be exceptionally difficult to justify taking a defensive player high. I think the Draft needs to focus almost exclusively on offense, the line in particular. It's both impact and need. Adding a dominant offensive lineman is going to have more of an impact on the team than adding a defensive player.

Jones in particular doesn't really seem to me to suit what the Jets have built. After using two straight picks on the defensive line, that is the strength of the team. The defensive system should be more of a 4-3 look that depends on Muhammad Wilkerson and Quinton Coples making plays. Jones seems like more of a linebacker in a 4-3.

If the Jets pick Jones, he had better turn into Von Miller.