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NFL Black Monday: Rex Ryan Staying With New York Jets

Andrew Burton

Mike Tannenbaum has been fired, but Rex Ryan will not be per Woody Johnson's statement.

Rex Ryan will remain the Head Coach of our football team. I believe that he has the passion, the talent, and the drive to successfully lead our team.

I guess this means Rex won the power struggle and will have some say in the general manager. I like Rex and am glad on some level he is staying, but I think the general manager is more important. This could end up making some quality candidates look away from the Jets. It's tough to not be able to choose the people under you. It's seldom a good situation to have somebody forced on you. The head coach has a lot to do with how successful a general manager is. I think the Jets should have let the new GM make a decision. If that guy is comfortable with Rex, I would have felt better about this.