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NFL Black Monday: Mike Tannenbaum Fired By New York Jets

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

The Jets have announced Mike Tannenbaum "will not return to the Jets," which is a nice way to say he has been fired.

Woody Johnson announced this morning that GM Mike Tannenbaum will not return to Jets in 2013.

I'm not going to celebrate. A man losing his job is nothing to feel good about. I will say that Tannenbaum's poor personnel decisions, terrible handling of the cap, and lack of vision made this a necessary move to move the franchise forward. It is also good that Tannenbaum will not return to the team. That means he won't be around to potentially undermine a new general manager. It just would not be a good situation for anybody if he stuck around.

Big picture the Tannenbaum Era should be remembered fondly. He made a lot of great moves his first four years that helped the team achieve a lot of success. A lot of how quickly his legacy will be remembered well will have to do with how quickly the Jets can dig themselves out of the mess the last two years have created.