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New York Jets: Delusion Illustrated

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes I wonder whether the people running the Jets have a firm grasp on reality. Tweets reporting things like Jake Steinberg had today adds fuel to the fire.

Per source, have had internal talks about hiring Norv as the OC AND trading Sanchez to SD for in a deal that will bring Rivers to NY.

Part of fixing a broken football team is being able to put proper value on what you have. The fact the Jets think this might be a possibility shows the same stunning overvaluing of its roster and lack or reality that got them to 6-10.

Sanchez has negative trade value because of his contract. If you offer the Chargers a package with Draft picks and a package with the same picks plus Sanchez, the Chargers are going to want just the picks.

It's one thing to hope somebody will take an albatross contract off your hands. It's another to hope a top ten quarterback falls into your lap. It's still another to think a team is going to give up a franchise quarterback and at the same time take an albatross contract as payment.

And I'll stop you before you tell me Rivers had a bad year. Rivers' bad year is still better than Sanchez's best year. At his peak, Rivers was a top five quarterback. Sanchez at his best has been borderline average. The Chargers might want to move on. They're not going to have to take Sanchez on to move him. They are certainly going to have better offers than one with the worst starting quarterback in league on one of the league's worst contracts.