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Bills 28 Jets 9: Out With a Thud

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets ended their 2012 season today with an ugly 28-9 loss to the Bills in Orchard Park. Gang Green finishes 2012 with a 6-10 record, tied for last in the AFC East. The Jets also finish a second consecutive season with a three game losing streak. There isn't much good you can say about this team or this season. Join me below to put a bow on 2012.

The Bad:

Mark Sanchez: Sanchez acted like he didn't care today. He acted like he just didn't care. He didn't bother going through progressions. He didn't step up or step into his throws. He looked like he was just trying to get through this game and get to the offseason without getting hit hard. I felt bad for players who made the trip and played hard. They deserved more fight from their quarterback. Sanchez looked as inept as he did the rest of the year. His throws were off target, and he turned it over twice more, including a Sanchez special pick six. He looked so disinterested and played so poorly this season that I wouldn't at all be surprised if he played his last snap in the NFL. Mark might have played himself right out of the league.

Tony Sparano: The Bills can't stop the run. The Jets had a lot of success running early. In their first thirty plays, they had almost a three to one run to pass ratio. In those plays, things went well when they ran and very poorly when throwing. Somehow the Jets finished this game with as many passes as runs.

Linebackers: It looked like the linebackers were most to blame for getting lost and getting beaten on the C.J. Spiller long touchdown.

Field Goal Blocking: Two field goals got deflected at the line. The men up front lost the point of attack, Brandon Moore in particular.

Quitting: There's no greater indictment of a coaching staff than when a team gives up. That's what happened on Buffalo's final scoring drive. The Jets defenders just gave up. The game was out of reach, but that's disheartening.

The Good:

Offensive Line: When the Jets ran, they got a push and hit the second level. Even though the Bills knew the run was coming early, they couldn't stop it. Then the Jets abandoned the run on offense.

Bilal Powell: 56 yards on 12 carries and 12 yards on 2 receptions. He was productive when he had the ball.

Shonn Greene: Greene had a nice finish to the season. He completed the second half of the most meaningless back to back 1,000 yard seasons ever. We found out down the stretch that he can be a solid hammer as part of a rotation, but is not a guy who can handle the entire load. He had 74 yards on 19 carries.

Mike Devito: Devito won his assignments in what will likely be his Jets finale.

Quinton Coples: I thought the Bills had problems blocking him when he was in.

LaRon Landry: He was flying all over the field. He was making plays against the run to prevent big gains. He was solid in coverage.

Nick Folk: 3 for 3 to close out the year.

And with that, 2012 ends. The Jets have wasted a year of all of our lives. Their offseason didn't address the problems with the team. Jobs will now probably be lost as a result, and this team will probably need to begin a painful process rebuilding a firmer foundation. Hopefully the right people will be in place. The offseason begins now, and we hope you stick around GGN because we will be here every step of the way.