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Tony Sparano to be fired

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Adam Schefter reports Tony Sparano will be fired.

According to sources, the Jets do not plan to bring back offensive coordinator Tony Sparano (the Jets are ranked 30th in total offense in Sparano's first season in the role) and Johnson has been putting out feelers for ideas to determine the ideal structure of his front office.

This is not surprising. It has been widely expected, and many have hinted that it was likely Sparano would be fired. This is the first concrete report I have seen confirming it.

Let's see whether the Jets turn it into the fiasco they turned Brian Schottenheimer's departure into a year ago. Hopefully a clean break is made tomorrow morning so they can begin the search for a new coordinator immediately. It would also be nice if they can do a thorough search this time and not just settle for the first name they come across.