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You Say Goodbye, And I Say Hello

A look at recent comings and goings on the NY Jets Roster.

Laurence Griffiths

This is the last article for 2012 in an occasional series of articles regarding the ongoing adventures of the back end of Brandon Moore the Jets' roster.

You Say Goodbye

Ex -Jets recently picked up by other NFL teams include LB Marcus Dowtin, cut by the Jets on November 20 and signed to the Philadelphia Eagles practice squad on December 24. This is a curious move by the Eagles, as they will now have 6 days to evaluate Dowtin before the season ends. Unless I am mistaken (and somebody please correct me if I am), practice squads do not carry over into the next season, so the Eagles get 6 days with Dowtin, then he's gone. To put it succinctly, why?

Ex-Jet FB John Conner, whom the Jets cut back on October 17, was signed to the Cincinnati Bengals' 53 man roster on December 15. Conner has not yet appeared in a game for the Bengals. John, we hardly miss ya.

Ex-Jet RB Kahlil Bell, whom the Jets signed on November 13 after the Chicago Bears cut him, and whom the Jets then cut on December 11, was resigned by the Bears on December 18. Bell was immediately put to work, gaining 32 yards on 13 carries for the Bears last week. That's the kind of production Bell was cut for, on multiple occasions. Kahlil, you just don't ring my Bell.

2012 Jets 6th round draft pick G Robert Griffin, cut by the Jets back on August 31, was added to the Indianapolis Colts 53 man roster on December 12. He was cut by the Colts on December 18. Maybe I'm just me, but something tells me he didn't make quite the same kind of favorable impression on the Colts as his twin brother has on the Redskins down in our nation's capitol.

And I Say Hello

Speaking of Griffin brothers, please join me in welcoming the newest ex-Jet, now re-Ject Jet, the third Griffin brother, RB John Griffin. The third Griffin, or JG III, as he likes to be called, was an UDFA out of Mr. T's alma mater, UMass, originally signed by the Jets in the 2012 offseason and cut by them on August 8. JG III was resigned to the practice squad on November 5, and the Jets promoted him to the 53 man roster on Friday, December 28. Call me crazy, or dense or just plain stupid, but, why? As amazing as JG III likely is, considering he is the third brother of the illustrious Gang Griffin, in what way can a 5th string RB help the Jets on the final day of a lost season? Now, I know there are a few jaded cynics out there who will mock me for even trying to make sense of the Jets roster moves, but I really want to know, why?

With my strikingly limited intellect, obviously no match for the Jets cap genius O Tannenbaum, I can only think of two possible reasons for this mystifying callup. The first is that the Jets actually think they may have a useful (and cheap) piece for the 2013 roster, and want to take a good long look at him against real NFL competition, as opposed to the 3rd and 4th stringers he went against in the preseason. If so, we may be in for a surprise on Sunday, as the the Jets unleash their inner Griffin and hand JG III the ball numerous times. Prepare to be awed as he repeatedly eludes Moore's Butt Bills' tacklers.

The other possible explanation, and Tebow forgive me for being so cynical, is that Mr. T is giving Woody a subtle parting gift, as he already knows he won't be back in 2013. By promoting JG III, not only does Mr. T get to take an additional $30,000 in league minimum salary out of Woody's ample pockets and place it in the pockets of a fellow UMass alumnus, but he also leaves his successor with $30,000 less in carryover cap room to play with when they have to clean up Mr. T's messy toy room next year. I can just see Mr. T smiling to himself at the Monday Massacre press conference, and, thinking of his unfortunate successor, quietly repeating in his head,"I pity the fool!"