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Report: Dustin Keller Does Not Have High Ankle Sprain

Jim McIsaac

There were rumors last night that Dustin Keller had a high ankle sprain that would end his season. Mike Vorkunov of The Star-Ledger reports that is not the case.

Rex Ryan said that he thinks tight end Dustin Keller does not have a high ankle sprain. The coach did say that Keller does have swelling in the ankle.

That is good news. Even if you are not a big Keller guy, he is at the very least an NFL caliber receiver on a team that does not currently have many. It has been a disappointing contract year for Dustin, but the Jets did not get explosive production from his position when he was injured earlier in the year.

Now the hope is the injury is not something just as serious. there certainly are other ailments this could be that could keep him on the shelf during the final weeks of the 2012 season.