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Who Should Start at Quarterback for the New York Jets Against the Jacksonville Jaguars?

Let's start the discussion.


There is no point in delaying the discussion. The Jets have another game in six days, and we do not know who the starting quarterback will be. Mark Sanchez was benched yesterday, and Greg McElroy led the team to a win. Even if McElroy did not do a ton, he did a lot more than Sanchez.

I personally don't see a credible argument for going back to Sanchez. He's had almost four years of chances to show he gets playing quarterback in the NFL. I've heard a few people speculate this might light a fire under him, but I don't really see that. If he hasn't learned how to read a defense or vary his snap count or throw an accurate ball or throw on time, I don't see how a benching is going to teach him how to do these things. I don't think it's a motivation issue. And even if it was an issue of him not working hard enough because he felt his job is secure, there's no reason to reward that. The last thing you want to do is just hand him the starting job back if that's the case.

Either way, he's done nothing to earn another chance. It is time to find out what this team has in McElroy.

Four games will not be enough to provide a definitive answer about whether McElroy is the guy of the future. Again, it took Sanchez almost four years to show he was not. We can at least begin the process of seeing whether Greg is worth keeping around for further development. We might find out definitively he is not the answer if he plays extremely poorly, which would still make the experiment valuable. At this point, the only thing the Jets are going to get from this year is evaluating what they have in young players. It's time to get young reserves some reps at positions the team is struggling.

You might ask about Tim Tebow. Tebow as ahead of McElroy on the depth chart before he got hurt. That's just life in the NFL. McElroy was the one who came in and sparked the team. He's earned the right to start. If Tebow had come in and led the team to a win, I'd be all for Tebow starting. If Tebow is healthy, I would make him the number two because he's probably a more productive player at this point. Also, you send a long overdue message to Sanchez and the rest of the team by doing that.

My depth chart would look like this:

1. Greg McElroy

2. Tim Tebow

3. Mark Sanchez (possibly inactive)