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New York Jets Head Coach Candidate: Andy Reid

Andy Lyons

Name: Andy Reid

Current Job: Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach 1999-present

Other NFL Experience: Green Bay Packers Offensive Assistant 1992-1994; Green Bay Packers Offensive Line Coach 1995-1996; Green Bay Packers Quarterbacks Coach/Assistant Head Coach 1997-1998

Other Head Coaching Experience: None


  • 130-92-1 record as NFL head coach with 7 division titles and 9 trips to the Playoffs in 14 seasons.
  • Offenses on average under Reid have been better than two-thirds of the league.
  • Experience working in a big market with a demanding fan base.
  • Influential in the development of Donovan McNabb into a franchise quarterback and is getting good things out of a third round rookie in Nick Foles.
  • Team has continued to play hard and is competing every week despite season being long lost and players knowing Reid's firing is imminent.
  • Knows how to make adjustments in season. Has only lost twice after a bye in 14 years. His teams are about .500 before bye weeks and have won around two-thirds of games after bye.
  • Known as an excellent game planner.


  • Can't win the big one. His teams are 1-4 in NFC Championship Games despite having the better team in 3 of 4 losses. Followed single victory with sloppy Super Bowl loss, 1 of his 2 losses after a bye.
  • After McNabb, failed to make Kevin Kolb or Michael Vick genuinely better despite both having physical ability to be good NFL quarterbacks.
  • Terrible game manager.
  • Stuck in his ways as a play caller. Gets into spells where he does nothing but throw it no matter what matchups or game situations dictate.
  • Has made terrible hires on the defensive side of the ball since longtime defensive coordinator Jim Johnson passed away.
  • Second half of his tenure in Philadelphia was much less successful than first half of tenure.
  • Might be better served taking time off to clear his mind after a trying year that saw the passing of his son, his team collapsing, and him losing his job of over a decade.
  • His hiring would draw inevitable comparisons to the last time the Jets hired a coach the Eagles just fired, Rich Kotite, forcing a long summer of painful memories for fans.

Bottom Line:

He will likely be available as the Eagles are almost sure to fire him. I'm not a big Reid guy at all. He had a much bigger window of opportunity than most coaches will ever see and could not get it done. He was also one for three developing franchise quarterbacks.

Beyond that, I don't see why the Jets would fire Rex Ryan and hire somebody who has virtually all of the same weaknesses. Reid consistently lost Conference Championship Games. He does a terrible job running the game. He made awful hires on the side of the ball less familiar to him. He is too aggressive in his play calls at bad moments.