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New York Jets: Rex Ryan vs. Manish Mehta: Reportocalypse

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

As we reported earlier, Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News came out with a report here that Rex Ryan is demanding changes to the offensive side of the staff and front office, or he would rather be fired than continue as the Head Coach of the New York Jets.

Ryan came out in his press conference today with all guns firing, blasting the report as untrue at least a half-dozen times. He stated that Mehta had given him the opportunity to comment on the story, and he flatly denied it, but Mehta declined to publish that statement in his report, thus violating pretty much one of the most basic rules of journalism ethics.

Furthermore, Ryan spoke to this team this morning, also denying the report, and was steaming mad. He also called Woody Johnson up immediately after reading the report to confirm that it wasn't true.

Ryan also said things such as, "This is the only team I want to coach," "There is no bigger Jet than me... I want to be Jets HC for the next 15 years," and "To be the New York Jets head coach is unbelievable... this was my team growing up" (referring to the fact that Buddy Ryan, his father, was the defensive coordinator for the Jets during Super Bowl III).

Another interesting note is that Mehta was not in attendance at the press conference, while Ryan blasted him for not telling the truth and ignoring his own denial. It's reaching a bit, but I find that damning, and further reinforces the little respect I have for him as a journalist. Especially if what Ryan is saying, this is yet another sleazy moment in the career of Manish Mehta.

Personally, I gained a lot of respect for Ryan back from this conference. It was refreshing to see him steaming mad, instead of the milquetoast we've seen lately. It was reminiscent of his first two years with the team, rather than his last two. I don't believe you deny a report that much if it's true, because there's a serious risk of all credibility if Mehta publishes his sources. I also think it's interesting how quickly Ryan went to Johnson. As Ryan said, you don't give an ultimatum to the guy that hired you.

In summary, I believe Ryan more than ever, and I firmly believe Mehta is a low-life journalistic hack. I don't like the vast majority of the press corps. for a variety of reasons, but Mehta in particular has zero credibility with me. With whom do you side?