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Jets vs. Bills: Mark Sanchez to Start at Quarterback

Andrew Burton

Greg McElroy has been ruled out of Sunday's game with a concussion so the Jets have announced Mark Sanchez is getting the start.

I have no idea why the Jets are going back to Sanchez. I doubt Tim Tebow could do worse than Sanchez has done. I can only assume either the guys in the locker room really, really do not want Tebow to start or the Jets have so little faith in Tebow that they feel they would damage his limited trade value by letting him play.

I wish I could muster up some strong feelings about this, but it really does not matter at this point. The game is meaningless. We are headed to the offseason either way. We have suffered through plenty of terrible
Sanchez outings this year. We can probably afford one more. Sanchez's contract is probably going to keep him on the team next year. Hopefully he can end this miserable year on a high note.