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New York Jets: Muhammad Wilkerson 2013 Pro Bowl Snub Venting Thread

Rich Schultz

I do not get worked up about Pro Bowl snubs. Nobody takes it seriously, even the players who take part. It is a name recognition contest, and so many players skip the game that most snubs eventually make it.

If you are not like me, feel free to use the space below to vent about Muhammad Wilkerson getting snubbed. Wilkerson is a perfect example of why the Pro Bowl is a farce. He isn't a household name because this was his breakout year. His position doesn't lend itself to eye popping stats. Watch him every single week, and you'll see him dominate in his matchup on a consistent basis. The disruption he causes leaves easy clean up work for his teammates and results in many positive plays for his team. Maybe next year he will win the popularity contest.

Do you think any Jets aside from Mo were snubbed? Let us know below.