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Tebow frustrated? - I don't blame him!

Tim Tebow has been a hot topic ever since he joined the Jets via trade last off-season. He has toed the party line with his detractors waiting patiently for the opportunity to pounce, this week they got their chance - however Tebow did absolutely nothing wrong, unfortunately many fans need to vent, and he is the easiest of targets.


Let me start this article by saying that Tim Tebow will not be a New York Jet in 2013, and I fully support that. The best thing for the Jets and for Tebow is to move on, and pretend that 2012 didn't even happen. It was a mess from the start and it has continued to be messy every since.

However the hatred that has been thrown his way by fans is ridiculous, thoroughly ridiculous. I've seen more personal attacks on Tebow from fans across forums and on twitter than any player in Jets history, more than Doug Brien who cost us a trip to the Superbowl, more than Gholston who was a bust and cost us a top 10 pick and more than pretty boy Kerry Rhodes.

This week a story came out accusing Tebow of asking out of the Wildcat package, immediately the media and fans jumped on him - this was their chance and they were sure going to take it. It was then revealed that the conversation occurred privately between a player and his coach and it revolved around how the wildcat package was actually being implemented, and at no point did Tebow ask not to be a part of it - Rex even confirmed that had he wanted Tebow in the game, he would have been in the game.

This has led to Tebow getting a little animated in a recent interview:

"I never said, Hey, I don’t do anything, or I won’t do anything," Tebow said. "That wasn’t the talk at all. He knows that, and everybody on this team knows that. I’d never not do something if I was asked, and I think that’s what’s disappointing about the whole situation, people saying, ‘You quit,’ or, ‘You didn’t do this.’ It was not it at all.

Hands up if you have not been frustrated or disappointed with the package put together for the wildcat this year? Nope, no hands! It's been a complete sham, my surprise is that Tebow did not go to Rex sooner and talk about his frustration at being asked to plow right up the middle, it was pointed out that Tebow's advantage (and the play that beat the Jets last year) came from him rolling out, how many times has he rolled out this year? Not many, Tony Sparano's package involved a dive up the gut.

Had any of the writers here been on the staff for the Jets, the questions involving the lack of creativity from this package would have been raised in week 3-4, it's a testament to Tebow and his ability to toe the party line that it has taken up to Week 16 for him to ask about it. Yes he's frustrated, I would be too - he had a package in Denver that worked, a package that took them to the play-offs and If i were a betting man, I would bet that neither Sparano or Rex took a good look at it, as they certainly haven't evolved that into his current play with the Jets.

Tebow is allowed to be frustrated, he didn't anonymously come to the media with his gripe, he took it to the head coaches office where it should be. Unfortunately it was leaked, questions were asked and now people are attacking him as a person and as a teammate with absolutely no foundation. Whether it be a publicity stunt or just a bad trade, Tebow is better off without the Jets and the Jets are better off without Tebow. I'll wish him well wherever he ends up, the Jets weren't ready for Tebowmania - in the huddle, the play-book or public relations room.