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GGM's New York Jets 2013/2014 Wish List Take 2

I am going to take another crack at this wish list thing. I will add in some trades, and cap options.

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Tom Gamble- Tom Gamble has helped put together a very talented team in San Francisco. The amount of depth and ability they have suited up, puts our team to shame. Gamble has a background in talent evaluations, which will help in a future full of building through the draft. This doesn't mean Tom isn't an experienced contract negotiator. He has some experience there as well. The only problem with the Gamble option, is that he probably won't want to come here if Tanny is still around in any capacity.


Kyle Shanahan- I know a lot of people probably wouldn't like this choice for HC. Even if you are sick of coaches with big name daddies, or young upstarts with no HC experience; you can't deny his success. Between Houston and Washington, the list of accomplishments are vast. Every offense he touches, seems to turn to gold. Kyle has a great offensive mind, and the ability to mold an offense around the players he has. This is a valuable skill set to have. Shanahan also has a lot of connections in the NFL world, which can help a lot in building a coaching staff on the other side of the ball. Personally, I would like to keep Pettine if we can. It would be nice to have some continuity on the defensive side of the ball.


Norv Turner- If you want to tell me Norv is a bad HC, that is fine. What you can't tell me is that Norv doesn't have a great offensive mind, with success at OC. A change of scenery, and a reduced role might be exactly what Norv needs to find success once again.

Current Cap Number for 2013


Players We Should Cut

Jason Smith OT Savings- $12M

Calvin Pace LB Savings- $8.5M

Bart Scott LB Savings- $7.1M

Eric Smith S Savings- $3M

Tim Tebow HB Savings- $1.5M

Cap Savings= $32.1M

Players We should Trade

Antonio Cromartie CB Savings $10.7M: Cromartie will probably never be worth more than he is right now. He was asked to step in for the best CB in the game, and came through with flying colors. With another Pro Bowl under his belt, there isn't a doubt in my mind that he is a top 5 CB. If we can get rid of that big cap number, and also get a 1st round pick in the process, I am game.

Cap Savings= $10.7M

If we add in the $5M carryover from this year we get a...

Total Cap Savings= $47.8M

Estimated Cap Number= $94.1M

Jets That should Be Resigned

Darrelle Revis CB Predicted Cap Value- $12M

Laron Landry SS Predicted Cap Value- $5M

Nick Folk K Predicted Cap Value- $1M

Matt Slauson G Predicted Cap Value- $2.5M

Austin Howard T Predicted Cap Value- $.6M

Jeff Cumberland TE Predicted Cap Value- $.6M

Tanner Pardum LS Predicted Cap Value- $.6M

Total Cap Hit= $12.3M

Free Agents We Should Sign

Matt Moore QB Predicted Cap Hit- $5M: There are really no QBs in this year's draft, that I would love to build a team around. At the same time, McElroy and Sanchez aren't who we should be building around either. I feel that Matt Moore has the most to offer in free agency. His price tag won't be outrageous, and has shown that he can be at least a decent QB. I would give him a short term trial contract. 2013 would be his chance to beat out Sanchez, and be a full time starter. If it works out, great. If it doesn't, it won't kill us cap wise.

Delanie Walker TE Predaticted Cap Hit- $2M: I am done with the Keller experiment at TE. He is a 1st round pick, playing like a 4th. Our depth at the TE position was a major issue this year. I plan to fix that right now. Walker is a very talented TE that is sort of lost in the shadows of Vernon Davis. Walker can block and catch, and would probably be an easy sell if we are able to land Gamble at GM.

Domenik Hixon WR Predicted Cap Hit- $1.5M: Another area on offense, where our lack of depth was exposed, was at the WR position. We lacked experience, and talent all year, and it showed. I love the Hill pick, but he will need the time to develop. In the meantime, we should have a solid group of guys in case his development or health hinder us. Hixon is a seasoned veteran, who knows how to get open, and make plays. He has been all over the place for the Giants this year, and could be a valuable pickup. I would be ok with Holmes, Hixon, Kerley, Hill as our starting 4. Maybe White can make strides in his 2nd year as well, and become a contributor.

Rashean Mathis CB Predicted Cap Hit- $4M: With Cro being traded in this scenario, we will need a new #2 CB. The idea is to get someone decent, who will cost half or less of what Cro would have made. My guy is Mathis. I feel like every time we play the Jaguars, Mathis is doing something to disrupt what we want to do on offense. Yes, the drop off from Cro would be noticeable, but he is a better option than Berry or Wilson. Those two can battle it out for nickelback duties.

Free Agent Cap Hit= $12.5M

Total Cap Hit= $24.8M

Estimated Cap Number= $118.9M


Round 1: Chance Warmack G Alabama: It will be hard to see Moore go, after being one of our best guards for so long. He will be missed, and he will also be replaced. Warmack is one of the best guard prospects in the draft. Chance is an integral piece to the potent Bama O-line. I see him as a Brandon Moore JR.

Round 1 (Cro pick): Jake Matthews T Texas A&M: If you haven't noticed, I would like to build this offense from the frontline back. It all starts up front in my mind. Howard has been a decent fill in this year, but isn't a long term option. He is also pretty streaky with his play. I would like to get a lot more solid at the tackle position. If Jake Matthews comes out, he would be a great addition to our O-line. Matthews has proven himself this year against the best the SEC had to throw at him. It would be a privilege if he can come in and have the same success here. Howard would be great depth behind him.

Round 2: Margus Hunt DE SMU: Yes, I want another DE. A great team can never have too many pass rushers. Hunt isn't your average pass rusher either. The dude is 6'8" 280 pounds, and can run a 4.6 40. He is what we call a physical freak of nature. The 2nd round is usually where we take our project players. Hunt is my project player. He has only been playing football for 4 years, but already draws double and triple teams on a regular basis. His closing speed is out of this world. I would love to see Coples, Hunt, and WIlkerson rushing the passer for a long time.

Round 3: Stepfan Taylor RB Stanford: With Greene hopefully gone, we will need a new bell-cow RB. Powell and McKnight will make decent change of pace backs, but we need someone to carry the load. One of my favorite RBs in the draft is Taylor. He has the size you look for in a back you want carrying the load. His vision, and quickness make him a playmaker. He won't blow you away with his speed, but the quickness I mentioned, make him a threat. Taylor also has great hands. It will be nice to have a bell-cow that can also be a menace in the receiving game.

Round 4: Travis Long OLB Washington St.: Our thinest position, after all the cuts are done, will probably be OLBer. We will need to rebuild this position with young, cheap, talent. It think it is also important to be picking scheme diverse players. Long is better suited to playing 34 OLBer, but can also be a 43 OLBer. Travis has some decent pass rushing ability, and is built in the mold of a Connor Barwin. Long will probably go a round before I have him going here, but it's hard to gage right now.

Round 5: Philip Lutzenkirchen TE Auburn: As I stated above, I want our TE depth to be up to par with the best in the league. Philip Lutzenkirchen is a key move to make this happen. I would take him a round earlier, if that is what it took to get him. Philip is a well rounded beast of a TE. He can plow the way for a potent rushing attack, or he can be a vital threat in the receiving game. He was under utilized at Auburn, but if you were watching, you would see his talent.

Round 6: Dexter McCoil S Tulsa: Even if we keep Landry, we still won't have a big, rangy, FS. I plan to change that with this pick. I have liked McCoil since last year. His small school status, will keep his stock decently low in a deep safety draft. Dexter can be that tall, ball hawking safety we always wanted. If we mix him and Landry together, we could possible have one of the better safety units in the league. Of course, this is a lot to ask of a 6th round pick, but I believe he has it in him.

Round 7: Marcus Lattimore RB S. Carolina: Anyone who knows college football, know about Lattimore's story. This guy has way too much talent to go undrafted. I would be willing to take a flyer on Lattimore.