My Mock Offseason 1.0

Such a disappointing season to a team devastated by injuries, and way too much drama all over the place. With the jets needing holes at nearly every position we are probably not going to be as solid as any of the elite teams after just one offseason with very limited cap space. However, the first move the Jets should make is firing Tony Sparano And Mike T in the same five minute period. Our new GM should be Marc Ross, from the New York Giants. He is responsible for bringing in guys like Victor Cruz, Hakeem Nicks, JPP and is a large factor in their Superbowl runs.He was scouted great players, and will certainly be at the top of the GM wish List. The second move is hiring Norv Turner as our OC. I completely understand the reasoning for not wanting him, but it seems like this may happen. He also is responsible for some great offenses throughout the years, but just is not head coach material. I also think we need to keep Rex Ryan as out Head Coach. It is amazing with the lack of talent we have and the injuries that we won 6 games. Also 4 playoff wins and 2 AFC championships should get him 1 more year.

Players We should cut: Jason Smith OT(12 MIL), Eric Smith(3 Mil), Calvin Pace (8 mil), Bart Scott (7 mil), Sione Pouha (3.8 Mil). All of these players in my opinion have vastly under performed and are basically dead aging weight. I do like Pouha but he simply can not stay on the field and with Kennrick Ellis improving he does save us some money.

Trades: Sanchez to Kansas City for their 6th Rd pick and we eat $10million of his guaranteed money. Gives them a back up QB for little investment, and gets us away from Mark Sanchez (once my favorite player).

Tim Tebow to Jacksonville for their 6th Rd. pick. Tim Tebow is going to Jacksonville and it makes sense. He creates a lot of buzz and will generate interest for a team that can not fill seats. We at least get a 6th rd. pick for him.

Players not resigned: Shonn Greene, While he is a decent back, he is slow and is only a between the tackles type of runner. Laron Landry, while i love seeing this guy knock peoples heads off he is going to be way to expensive for our team. Chaz Schilens, we need more talent and speed in our wr corps and he just is the odd man out without putting up very many numbers this year.

Free Agents: Different websites have different estimated numbers for what our cap is going to look like. Most are somewhere between $24 and $30 million. I am going to say we will have roughly $26 million to work with. also with the players contracts I am only putting in their cap space this year.

Connor Barwin, OLB Houston Texans: He is having a down year with only 3.5 sacks, but that means we can get him cheaper and incentive laden. Provides a veteran presence without breaking our bank. $4.9 million guaranteed this year.

Matt Moore QB: Huge arm and good size. Bring him in relatively cheap and he can have a chance to win the starting job. $2.7 Million. With a career completion percentage of 60% he could be an excellent game manager and at the very least keep us in every single game. He also has improved greatly since his rookie season.

Domenik Dixon WR NY Giants: Marc Ross will bring this developing young wide receiver in. He may nor be an elite player but he can come in and contribute right away. $1.7 million.

Our players resigned: Brandon Moore $5.1 million(our right OL is so bad I do not want to see the left follow), Matt Slauson $1 million, Braylon Edwards $1.9 million provides a veteran presence and a little more mature than Santonio Holmes. Also he is a big target for our decent, not great, QB's. Mike Devito $2 million, provides a good backup and rotational guy with Kennrick Ellis. Also gives us a smart veteran. DARRELL REVIS, our biggest move. We lock him up for 6 years $104 million with $60 million guaranteed. However, we bring his guarantees down this year to $8 million. He is our best player, maybe best defensive player in the league. I for one want no part in getting draft picks for him or letting him see the open market.

There will be other minimum contract guys, but I only wanted to get the impact players. This leaves us with just about $11.6 million for back ups and Draft picks. We can not afford to go out and get big name big contract guys this year. We have enough talent to just sign to good players.

Draft: I am guessing we lose our last game and pick 11th in the draft. We have a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 6, 6, 7th Rd. pick this year.

Round 1: Dion Jordan 6' 7" 243 pounds OLB/DE Oregon. Our most warring need is OLB, behind the QB. However, no QB is worth this high of a pick. anyone looking to trade up for a qb will have to go higher than 11th so we keep our pick and get a great defensive player here. Huge frame, fast, productive, and versatile. This guy is going to impact right away and with Coples, and Mo Wilk we could have the best pass rush in the game. His only downfall is he is pretty raw. However, Dunbar is a top tier D- line coach and Dion only has room to grow. He can also paly OLB or anywhere on the DL.

Round 2: Oday Aboushi, OT Virginia 6' 6" 310 pounds. No matter who our QB, RB, or WRs are it wont matter unless our RT position is cleared up. This guy can come in and start from day 1. A massive man, who never gets beat. It is not a sexy pick but he could be a very good RT for 10 years.

Round 3: Tyler Bray QB Tennessee 6' 6" 215 pounds: This guys is a 2014 top ten pick for sure. however, he came out a year early and is a head case. However, 3600 yards, 34 tds gives us a reason to take a chance on him. If he developes this guy could be a pro bowler in no time. He has a huge frame and can make all the NFL throws. He and Matt Moore can compete for the starting job next years.

Round 4: Hugh Thornton OG Illinois 6' 5" 310 pounds: One of the most under rated players in the draft. He is a quick OG who excels in the running game. He is quick enough to pull, and has an excellent motor. However at only 310 pound he may need to add a little bulk to play in the NFL. He should give us depth on the OL and could even possibly start at the RG spot over Vlad.

Round 5: Kenjon Barner RB Oregon 5' 11" 195 pounds. This guys is a real Chris Johnson type back He can stretch the feild, find a hole and then is gone. he is small but so is CJ2k and Darren Sproles. This guy could be an excellent back behind Powell and a real threat out of the passing game. His only knock is his size and his durability between the tackles.

Round 6 (KC); Aaron Mellette WR Elon 6' 3" 218 pounds. With 4.5 40 speed and his size he can easily translate quickly into the NFL. With him Edwards and Hill we could have three big redzone targets.

Round 6 (JAX): Cameron Lawrence OLB Mississippi 6' 2" 230 pounds. Recorded 111 tackles and ranked third in the nation with 13.0 tackles per game. Great production for a guy this late,

Round 6: Knile Davis RB Arkansas 6' 226 pounds. While being a big back he does have 4.52 40 speed. He will never be an Adrian Peterson but he will be a good solid between the tackles back in case powell goes down.

Round 7: Drew Fry SS Cincinnati 6' 3" 212 pounds. Recorded 73 tackles last seqson but was injury plagued early in his career. He also broke up 8 passes so he has good range.

This is it, the start of a hopeful rebuilding process. While we probably wont compete for a Superbowl next year, we could at least compete for a playoff spot. I do realize there will still be holes, but we can not fix every hole in one year. So let me know what you guys think. Thank you.

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